H1Z1: Fight for the Crown

Prize Pool

“H1Z1®: Fight for the Crown™” is the first official team-based tournament for the hit multiplayer shooter, H1Z1: King of the Kill. Fifteen teams of five players will enter the H1Z1 arena with one ultimate goal in mind—be the last team standing to take home the grand prize.

Prepare to fight!

Filmed in front of a live studio audience in downtown Los Angeles, “H1Z1: Fight for the Crown” features 75 of the top players in the world, who are all highly ranked on the Twin Galaxies H1Z1 Leaderboard, found here

The 15 teams participating include some of the biggest organizations in the esports world, and they all will fight it out in one game to determine who will go home with the first place prize of $180,000!

Ways to Watch

The "H1Z1: Fight for the Crown" tournament will be broadcast on April 20, 2017 at 9PM EST/ 9PM PST on The CW Network. Tune in for all of the non-stop action where 75 players, comprised of 15 teams of five players, compete before a live audience for their share of $300,000.

The five digital episodes of “H1Z1: Fight for the Crown” will be available on CW Seed beginning April 13, and profile the Echo Fox esports franchise, an organization led by former NBA player Rick Fox and video game industry veteran Jace Hall. The series follows the pair as they prepare their elite gaming team to compete in the very first multiplayer team tournament for H1Z1®: King of the Kill®.

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Prize Pool Distribution

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If I am part of an existing 5-player team, how do we participate?

You must apply by clicking here, as well as making sure all players on the application qualify themselves by ranking on the Twin Galaxies H1Z1 leaderboard before the tournament date, found here

If I’m a solo player, is there a way to join a team for this tournament?

Since all players must get ranked on the Twin Galaxies leaderboard to become eligible to play, if you are a solo player, ranking highly on the board can help you get noticed and recruited by an esports organization looking for players.

How many games will be played at the tournament?

There will be a series of warm-up games so teams are used to the set up, but the actual tournament will consist of only one game where all of the prize money will be distributed. The tournament will be very high pressure and intense!

What peripherals will be used in the tournament? Can I bring my own?

Participants can use their own mouse, so long as it is in compliance with the official rules. The following peripherals will be provided for all players:
Computer: ASUS G11CB
Monitor: ROG PG248Q
ROG Claymore Keyboard (Red)
The following mouse will be provided to all players who choose not to use their own mouse: ROG Gladius

If we are an existing esports organization without an H1Z1 team, how do we get players and enter the tournament?

As players continue to qualify, Twin Galaxies' leaderboard will have a growing list of all the eligible players. You may contact them directly through their contact info on their Twin Galaxies profiles. You may also contact us here directly if you would like to be put in touch with any unsigned players on the Twin Galaxies leaderboard.

If we are an amateur team without an organization or sponsors, can we still enter the tournament?

There will be at least two spots in the tournament reserved for amateur teams.

If we are a pro team with sponsors, can all of our sponsors be shown on our jerseys?

All jerseys must be approved prior to acceptance on a case-by-case basis.

What computers will be used in the tournament?

Computers will be provided at the tournament and will be announced shortly.

Where can I find the tournament rules?

Tournament rules can be found here

Will the tournament be played on the live servers?

No. The tournament will be run off of a LAN server.

Will travel be paid for?

Teams are responsible for their own travel and lodging.

When is the tournament being held?

The tournament will take place in March. Once a team is approved, they will be provided with exact filming dates and location.

Where do I need to be for the tournament?

The tournament will be held in Los Angeles.

What are the Twin Galaxies leaderboards?

The Twin Galaxies leaderboards are used for verification and authentication of players gameplay. Players can learn more about the Twin Galaxies leaderboards here.

Are there any age restrictions?

All participants must be 18 or older.

How can I watch the tournament?

The tournament will be broadcasted on The CW Network on April 20, 2017. There will also be a limited amount of tickets available for the live event. More information on the audience will be announced at a later date.